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After Schumer’s Push, JetBlue Will Add A New Daily, Direct Flight From The Rochester International Airport To The Boston Logan International Airport Starting In January 2019

Schumer Says New Route Will Connect Rochester Travelers With JetBlue’s Network Of International Carriers Flying Out Of Boston And Sets Stage For Market Competitiveness

Schumer: New Route To Boston Is A Win-Win-Win For Rochester Families And Businesses, And JetBlue

U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer today announced that, after his urging, JetBlue will open up daily air service from the Greater Rochester International Airport to the Boston Logan International Airport. Schumer said that roundtrip flights from Boston to Rochester will fly once per day and that services are expected to begin on January 8, 2019. Schumer explained that the new route would boost competition and create availability of low-cost flights and connectivity in the United States and internationally for travelers and businesses in the Rochester-Finger Lakes Region. Schumer previously pushed to open up a direct line of air service from Rochester, and says that the new route is a win-win for JetBlue and Rochester.

“The new JetBlue flight from Rochester to Boston is a win-win: for JetBlue, who expands their brand in Rochester with its second year-round non-stop destination, and for the Rochester-Finger Lakes families and businesses who will benefit greatly from a direct flight to Boston. I’m glad JetBlue has heeded my call to clear this new route for take off. As New York’s hometown airline, JetBlue continues to grow its presence and service within New York State, and I appreciate their commitment to this region,” said Senator Schumer. “The creation of this route will both increase travel options by connecting locals to countless international flights out of Boston, as well adding competition to the market. I was proud to work with Rochester to realize this critical and important launch, and will always fight to bring expanded air services for the Rochester Finger Lakes.”

Schumer said that direct daily flights will start flying between Rochester and Boston on January 8, 2019. Schumer explained that the new route will pay huge dividends for the residents of the Rochester-Finger Lakes area, the regional economy, and JetBlue. First of all, Schumer said, the flight to Boston will connect Rochester travelers with JetBlue’s network of international carriers that fly out of Boston. This will open up new destinations for Rochester travelers across the United States, as well as internationally.

Additionally, Schumer explained, right now the only airline that flies from Rochester direct to Boston is American Airlines. Schumer said that JetBlue adding competition to this service can help keep prices affordable for Rochester travelers. Lastly, Schumer explained that the new route from Rochester to Boston has the potential to bring new travelers and businesses to Rochester, boosting the regional economy.

Schumer pushed for the new route from Rochester to Boston in numerous conversations with JetBlue officials. Schumer also explained that the new route to Boston fulfills JetBlue’s commitment of flying all Upstate airports direct to Boston, with Buffalo, Syracuse, and now Rochester all offering flights.

Schumer has been instrumental in bringing affordable and frequent air service to the Rochester-Finger Lakes region and to all of Upstate New York. At Schumer’s urging, JetBlue met with Buffalo officials in August of 1999 and began providing reliable, quality flights to Western New York in February of 2000. Schumer has long fought to bring new airlines and routes to Upstate New York cities, including helping to bring Southwest to Albany and JetBlue to Buffalo, Albany, Syracuse and Rochester. In 2016, Schumer successfully pushed for a new direct route between Buffalo and Los Angeles, the first direct flight from Buffalo to any point in California.