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With Massive Flooding Wreaking Financial Havoc On Union-Endicott High School, Schumer Urges Fema To Deliver Crucial Federal Funding For Creation Of A Flood Wall

Given Close Proximity to Susquehanna River, Union-Endicott High School Has Experienced Massive Flood Damages That Have Cost Them Over $2 Million In Three Years

Schumer: A Flood Wall Would Prevent the School from Continuing to Shoulder This Tremendous Economic Burden

With extensive flooding causing millions of dollars worth of damage to UnionEndicott School in Broome County over the past three years, Schumer today called on FEMA to deliver crucial funding to the school district for the creation of a flood wall. The UnionEndicott High School has been exposed to severe flooding due to its location next to the Susquehanna River.


"After being hammered by flood damages for three years, UnionEndicott has had to shoulder the enormous financial burden of repairing and rebuilding," said Schumer. "I applaud the school's foresight with this issue-and it's high time that FEMA provide these crucial funds before the floods damage more than just facilities and start to affect the quality of education in Broome."


The UnionEndicott High School has experienced significant flooding damages for three consecutive years. In 2004, the cost to the high school was $56,000, while in 2005 the cost was over $78,000. The June 2006 floods that pounded the Southern Tier resulted in significant damages to roads, homes, and infrastructure. That year UnionEndicott High School sustained over $1.1 million dollars in damage. The flood waters entered the first floor of the high school, destroying several technology buildings, the wrestling room, a mechanical room, and the pool.  


Although the flood destroyed many parts of the high school, it did not occur during the school year. Had this been the case, the school would have been forced to cancel all classes as the building was cleaned, disinfected, and equipment replaced. Students and staff would have been relocated to other sites in order to meet the statutory attendance requirements for New York State. The school district estimated that the cost of relocation would have totaled $11 million dollars, a tremendous economic burden that the school district could not afford to pay.        


Today, in a personal letter to Under Secretary Paulison, Schumer called on FEMA to deliver these vital funds to the UnionEndicott School District, enabling them to take a proactive step against a problem that has plagued the high school for years.