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With Bipartisan, Bicameral Support, Endless Frontier Act Increases Investment by $100B In Discovery, Creation, & Commercialization Of Critical Technology; Bill, Supported By IBM, Corning, and Universities Across NY, Includes $10B For Establishment Of Regional Technology Hubs Across The Country – Including Upstate New York 

Schumer Says Pandemic Has Shown Need For Significant Investment In Scientific Research; Senator, Along With Several Major NY Technological Innovators, Pushes To Create New Jobs And Jumpstart Local Economies 

Schumer: Pandemic Magnified Weaknesses From Decades Of Underinvestment In Scientific Research, Endless Frontier Act Would Bolster U.S. Leadership In Innovation And Manufacturing And Boost Upstate NY Economies

Following months of tireless advocacy for federal aid and support for hard-hit New York State amidst the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, U.S. Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer today introduced the Endless Frontier Act, a bipartisan, bicameral initiative that looks to the future beyond the crisis and seeks to solidify U.S. leadership in scientific and technological innovation through increased investments in the discovery, creation, and commercialization of critical technology fields. The bipartisan legislation further targets support to ensure new research investments translate into new American and New York companies, manufacturing and high-tech jobs, and opportunities for Upstate New York to attract emerging technology industries.

Schumer explained that the Endless Frontier Act is a necessary investment into research, education and training, technology transfer and entrepreneurship, manufacturing, and the broader U.S. innovation ecosystem across the nation. The Senator said that the COVID-19 pandemic caught the U.S. inadequately prepared and exposed the consequences of long-term failure to sufficiently invest in scientific research.

“The coronavirus pandemic has shown the science and technology gap between the United States and the rest of the world is closing fast and that threatens our long-term health, economic competitiveness, and national security,” said Senator Schumer. “As an established and expanding national technological hub, New York will greatly benefit from federal support and secure its place as a leader of advanced scientific and technological research on the world stage. This bill treats scientific research as a national security priority, will fund critical research and development, and invest in New York’s tremendous potential to lead industries of the future, creating new jobs, business growth, and community revitalization across the state.”

”COVID-19 has created real challenges to our regional, state and national economies. As we look forward, and plan for our recovery smart investment needs to happen to ensure our long term economic resilience,” said City of Binghamton Mayor Rich David. ”Senator Schumer’s Endless Frontier Act creates a vehicle to support investment in communities that could yield long term returns, support smart economic growth, and position our country to remain globally competitive. Our region is home to renowned higher education institutions, featuring cutting edge research with a strong record of investment both in our communities and in innovative technologies. This bill, provides opportunities to harness these assets and create regional technology hubs. The City of Binghamton, has a strong track record of successful partnerships with our educational institutions and is well positioned to build upon these successes,  and capitalize on opportunities this legislation would offer. I support this effort and look forward to exploring ways the City of Binghamton can benefit from this initiative.”

"When it comes to science America is losing the present - but we can win the future,” said Svante Myrick, Mayor of the City of Ithaca.” Senator Schumer's Endless Frontier Act is not just a wise investment in our economy, it is a bold challenge to higher education, industry, and entrepreneurship. I want to thank the Senator for making the future a priority now.”

"This initiative is a welcome approach to federal investment in future technology development and deployment," said Garry Douglas, President of the North Country Chamber of Commerce. "We must focus more national energy on the key technologies, new and emerging, that will keep the U.S. not only globally competitive but make us the continued leaders in tech of all kinds. We especially welcome the identified focus areas which feature several related to the North Country, such as advanced manufacturing, materials science and biotechnology. We have world class institutions and companies here, plus unique connections to all of the technology initiatives in Montreal, and we're ready to be part of the future. We thank Senator Schumer and his colleagues for developing this proposal."

“The Endless Frontier Act is a very exciting piece of legislation that I believe will have a direct and meaningful impact on the City of Buffalo,” said Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown. “Investment in the technologies and industries of tomorrow means new businesses and jobs today. It will also further validate Buffalo’s stature in the tech community as a new frontier of innovation and leadership. Senator Schumer’s foresight is laudable, particularly at a time when forward-thinking is critical to our economic and social recovery as a region and as a nation.  This is another example of Senator Schumer’s tireless commitment to the people of Western New York.”

“I would like to thank Sen. Chuck Schumer for introducing this very forward-thinking legislation,” said Monroe County Executive Adam Bello. “The Endless Frontier Act will help us tackle the urgent public health and economic crises we face today, while also laying a strong foundation for tomorrow. As economist Dr. Jon Gruber detailed in his book, Monroe County is poised to become the nation’s leader in scientific research and development. Our talented workforce, outstanding educational institutions and wonderful quality of life are second to none. This investment is critical to helping us realize that potential.”

“I want to commend New York Senator and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, and his colleagues in the Senate and House, for demonstrating visionary leadership through their introduction of the Endless Frontier Act,” said Rochester Mayor Lovely A. Warren. “MIT Professors Jonathan Gruber and Simon Johnson have identified Rochester, NY is the No. 1 city in the nation for potential high-tech job growth. This legislation will unlock that incredible potential and position our city to play a critical role in leading our nation back to economic prosperity and international leadership through bold investments in science and technology.”

"As we emerge from the economic challenges of COVID-19, cities need to focus on long term economic resilience, not just short term recovery," said Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh.  "The Endless Frontier Act rightfully recognizes that our country needs more regional hubs for technology innovation to remain competitive globally.  Cities like Syracuse and our surrounding region, with leading research universities and a history of investment in emerging technologies, are primed to become the nation's next technology hubs with additional leadership and support from the Federal government." 

“Dutchess County has long been recognized for attracting innovative minds and institutions,” said Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro. “Our ‘Innovation Quad’ is an unprecedented agreement between the distinguished institutions of Marist College, Dutchess Community College, and Vassar College with-world class technology leader IBM, where a Start-Up Ecosystem is cultivated and companies can leverage existing science and technology resources and expertise. Senator Schumer’s Endless Frontier Act would be vital investment in the science and technology that will be critical as we restart our economy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.  We appreciate Senator Schumer’s continued support and forward thinking.”

“Senator Schumer’s proposed Endless Frontier Act would provide significant opportunities for federal investment in Ulster County businesses and institutions. Strengthening and supporting critical sectors, like science and technology, through workforce development, research, and entrepreneurship will help position Ulster County to lead in the 21st-century economy," said Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan.

Furthermore, Schumer said, the bill will help ensure U.S. leadership in the known technology fields of the future. Foreign competitors, some of whom are stealing American intellectual property, are already aggressively investing in fundamental research and commercialization and edging the U.S. out. Specifically for New York, Schumer says, the Endless Frontier Act will help revitalize local economies ravaged by the COVID-19 crisis.

Schumer explained that the Endless Frontier Act proposes an expansion of the National Science Foundation (NSF)—to be renamed the National Science and Technology Foundation (NTSF)—and the establishment of a Technology Directorate within NTSF to advance technology in 10 critical focus areas.

According to the Senator, the newly-established Technology Directorate would receive $100 billion over five years to lead investment and research in artificial intelligence and machine learning; high performance computing; robotics, automation, and advanced manufacturing; quantum computing; cybersecurity; biotechnology; semiconductors; and more. An additional $10 billion would be authorized to designate at least 10 regional technology hubs, awarding funds for comprehensive investment initiatives that position regions across the country to be global centers for the research, development, and manufacturing of key technologies.

Several major New York-based technological innovators have already expressed strong support for the Endless Frontier Act. Association of Independent Technological Universities, Binghamton University, Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Center for Economic Growth (CEG), CenterState CEO, Clarkson University, CNY Cyber Alliance, Cornell University, Corning Incorporated, GlobalFoundries, Greater Rochester Enterprise, Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation, IBM, Launch NY, Marist College, M&T Bank, New York University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Rochester Institute of Technology, Stony Brook University, SUNY New Paltz, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Syracuse University, University of Buffalo, University of Rochester have all approved of the goals and methodology outlined in the proposed legislation.

“We applaud Senators Schumer and Todd, and Representatives Khanna and Gallagher, for their bipartisan leadership to come together to move the nation forward by strengthening the infrastructure that ensures our global competitiveness,” said the Executive Committee for the Association of Independent Technological Universities.  “Driving innovation through strategic investments in technology and workforce development will meet the real needs of the American people through economic prosperity and public good.”

“Binghamton University has made basic and applied research and commercialization a cornerstone of our research endeavors. We have built our research portfolio on a model focused on government-university-industry partnerships that has proven successful time and time again,” said Binghamton University President Harvey Stenger. “We are poised to tackle the research challenges of the future and wholeheartedly support the infusion of additional, significant support from the federal government. Our strengths make us ideally suited to support, contribute to and benefit from one of these regional technology hubs. We thank Sen. Schumer for this bold plan and await the results of this exciting proposal.” 

“We applaud Senator Schumer’s leadership in envisioning the Endless Frontier Act, leading to an increase in investment for discovery, creation, and commercialization of new technologies to grow our innovation economy,” said Matthew K. Enstice, CEO of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Inc. “We look forward to helping to build an inclusive and collaborative culture of innovation in New York and across the United States – creating vibrant, healthy communities, forging diverse partnerships, deploying new technologies, implementing creative solutions, and always looking for opportunities to create a better future for all.”

"For the Capital Region, the Endless Frontier Act is important as it enables our businesses to catch up with the global community in terms of innovation,” said Andrew S. Kennedy, President & CEO of the Center for Economic Growth. “Through the support of Senator Schumer and this bill, the Capital Region will put at the forefront because of our R&D strengths. The Capital Region is just one of a handful of communities where the private sector spends more than $1 billion annually on R&D, and recently identified by Brookings as a potential innovation hub. Furthermore, our new R&D centers in AI and advanced materials at SUNY Polytechnic, as well as other local research assets in cybersecurity, biotech, cleantech and robotics well positions the Capital Region under this initiative."

"The United States should not invest trillions of dollars in an economic response and recovery without prioritizing investments in basic research and development in the technologies that will define the future,” said Robert M Simpson, president and CEO of CenterState CEO. "These investments fuel innovation and competitiveness, advance America's national interests and will benefit both our educational and medical institutions and our manufacturing industries, which have all been hit hard by the economic disruption associated with COVID-19."

“Senator Schumer and his bipartisan colleagues are leading the nation forward by renewing America’s investments in technology and workforce development,” said Tony Collins, President of Clarkson University.  “Universities like Clarkson have the mindset and skill sets to partner with industry to accelerate the solutions that America needs now and into the future to build resilient communities for all.”

CNY Defense Alliance Executive Director, Mary Carol Chruscicki, stated the “the bipartisan Endless Frontier Act is a bold and critical strategy to ensure the U.S. continues to lead in the development of game changing technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, advanced communications, and advanced manufacturing. The investments  will be essential to super charge  research, education and training needed to develop disruptive technologies that will stimulate and enhance our U.S. innovation ecosystem.”

Cornell University President Martha E. Pollack said, “I commend Senator Schumer and his colleagues for their leadership and vision in writing the Endless Frontier Act. There is no more fitting way to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the National Science Foundation than to create such a bold roadmap for its future. By proposing this $100 million investment in education, research, commercialization, and regional economic development focused squarely on emerging and critical technologies, Senator Schumer is sowing the seeds for the next generation of American leadership in science and innovation. Cornell University is proud to support this effort.”

Dr. David Morse, EVP and Chief Technology Officer of Corning Incorporated said, “Senator Schumer’s leadership in advancing the Endless Frontier Act is much appreciated as it helps ensure American competitiveness in the technologies that are essential to our Nation’s economy and security.”

“GLOBALFOUNDRIES fully endorses additional investments and funding in U.S. technology R&D. Investing in fundamental research and developing regional R&D and manufacturing technology hubs will greatly support the U.S.'s goal of achieving and sustaining a leadership position in key technologies including semiconductor manufacturing,” said John Pellerin, chief technologist and VP worldwide R&D, Globalfoundries. “We enthusiastically applaud and support Senator Schumer and his co-sponsors in this initiative and appreciate the ongoing support for GF and the US semiconductor industry.”

“We look forward to working with Senator Schumer and other partners to implement the Endless Frontier Act and jumpstart America as the Greater Rochester NY region is where smart people live and smart businesses grow!“ said Matt Hurlbutt, President & CEO of Greater Rochester Enterprise.

“As the Hudson Valley begins the process of reopening and reimagining our economy, increased investment in science and technology will be critical as HVEDC looks to build upon our past partnerships in the STEM field and create new ones,” said Mike Oates, President and CEO of Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation. “Senator Schumer’s innovative Endless Frontier Act provides much-needed capital to support regional workforce education and training, scientific research, entrepreneurship, technology transfer, and more. These investments will give our Hudson Valley universities and businesses the tools needed to put our region on the map as a global leader for tech-related jobs as we emerge from this pandemic.”

“IBM has long been committed to exploring the frontiers of science and technology. We applaud Senators Schumer and Young and Congressmen Khanna and Gallagher for introducing the Endless Frontier Act, which invests in the National Science Foundation (NSF) and prepares our workforce to harness innovations that can boost America's competitiveness and national security. By scaling investments in technologies such as AI and quantum computing, and by leveraging the full strength of the R&D enterprise of the nation, both public and private, we can ensure U.S. leadership in these industries of the future,” said Dr. Dario Gil, Director of IBM Research.

"Now more than ever we have to make bold moves as a country to make sure we have new technology-based products and services at the ready for everyday use, and this initiative provides the substantial support necessary for regions like Upstate NY to be an active part of this new economy," said Marnie LaVigne, President and CEO of Launch NY.  “Every part of our nation will have a chance to participate in the new economy."

“To regain our position as the world’s leader in technology and innovation, and to ensure that economic opportunity is more equitably and inclusively distributed across our country, the U.S. tech sector cannot be concentrated in five big cities on the coasts,” said René F. Jones, Chairman and CEO, M&T Bank. “There’s a growing disconnect between the diversification and dispersal of networks, information and ideas and the concentration of tech jobs, and it’s adversely affecting our competitiveness, both globally and locally.  We’re developing a tech hub and innovation corridor in Buffalo, NY to better compete in the race for relevance, and the Endless Frontier Act promises to support the growth of regional tech hubs—and regional tech jobs.”

“The Endless Frontier Act is precisely the kind of initiative our nation needs at this point in our history,” said Marist College President, Dennis J. Murray. “This bipartisan proposal recognizes that strategic investments in key technologies are essential to maintaining our country’s leadership position, and addressing the fundamental challenges that face us -- prosperity and growth, competitiveness, climate issues, national defense, and improving the quality of life for all.  My thanks go to Senator Schumer for his vision and leadership.”

"As America's first technological research university, Rensselaer was founded on the guiding principle of instructing persons in the application of science to the common purposes of life,” said Nick Viggiani, Assistant Vice President for Research at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. “Rensselaer enthusiastically supports Senator Schumer’s bipartisan legislation to invest $100 billion in a new National Science Foundation (NSF) technology directorate focused on research, development and commercialization in key technology areas. We applaud Senator Schumer for his efforts and thank him for his continued leadership on behalf of our nation’s research enterprise.”

“Now is the opportune time to invest in our nation’s research enterprise in order to ensure that the United States remains at the forefront in advancing the critical sciences and technologies that will protect our future national security and global competitiveness.  Innovation is at the core of our nation’s economic strength.  It is very encouraging to see the bi-partisan support for the Endless Frontiers Act and the significant investments in research and education that this legislation would provide,“ said Rochester Institute of Technology President David C. Munson, Jr.

“The Endless Frontier Act's funding in scientific research and technology, along with the creation of regional technology hubs, are the kinds of investments that regional public universities can take to scale," said SUNY New Paltz President Donald P. Christian. "We appreciate Senator Schumer's leadership in this effort and the focus on technological innovation, as the College continues to see burgeoning enrollments across academic programs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This is coupled with our faculty’s commitment to cutting-edge research in natural fibers, computer science, hydrogeology, and aquatic ecology, among many other areas. We look forward to seeing this legislation come to fruition and collaborating through the Hudson Valley Additive Manufacturing Center, home of our 3D design and printing initiative, and the Hudson Valley Venture Hub. Both are longstanding regional technology and entrepreneurial hubs that have provided guidance and support to hundreds of businesses and entrepreneurs across the Hudson Valley and throughout the state."

“The bipartisan Endless Frontiers Act advances critical innovations through a significant increase in investment in fundamental research, education, technology commercialization and entrepreneurship, and our nation’s dynamic innovation ecosystem,” said SUNY Polytechnic Institute Interim President Dr. Grace Wang. “This “moon shot” approach will bolster America’s leadership in areas ranging from artificial intelligence, machine learning and cybersecurity to quantum, semiconductors and materials science, and its simultaneous focus on catalyzing exciting high-tech educational and career opportunities can pay dividends for generations.”

“Syracuse University applauds Senators Schumer and Young and Congressmen Khanna and Gallagher for introducing the bipartisan Endless Frontiers Act," said Syracuse University Chancellor, Kent Syverud. "Now more than ever, collaboration across our government, industry and education partners is critical to America’s technological and economic development. As Syracuse University invests in research and innovation that aim to address some of the world’s most pressing problems, we’re excited to join leaders from across New York State to push the boundaries of science and technology, seed new businesses and educate the next generation of innovators.”

“Senator Schumer’s proposal for the Endless Frontier Act would create countless opportunities for the University at Buffalo and Western New York to continue to play a pivotal role in the future of our region’s innovation infrastructure and economy, while enhancing our position as a premier public research university that is making a meaningful difference in the communities we serve,” said University of Buffalo President Satish K. Tripathi. “This proposal would not only usher in a new era of public-private partnership; it would bolster our region’s — and our country’s—leadership and impact in science and technology.”

“The University has long been a hub for innovative new ideas and technologies and is proud to call Rochester, which has been recently ranked as a top city to become a next-generation technology hub and growth center, home. I am grateful for Senator Schumer’s leadership in advancing the bipartisan Endless Frontier Act. These bold, critical new investments in research in key emerging technologies align with our strategic priorities and will enable us to learn, discover, heal, and create to make the world ever better,” said University of Rochester President Sarah C. Mangelsdorf.

“Senator Schumer’s proposal would be just the sort of stimulus that could truly put Western New York on the map as a true hub in the technology industry,” said Jordan Levy, Chair Emeritus of 43North and co-founder of Z80 Labs. “Growth in these sectors means more new businesses which mean and more new jobs! To supplement the groundbreaking work that is already being done here with a large investment in innovative new technologies and ideas benefits everyone. This is a forward-thinking idea that seeks a true investment in America’s tech-based future and to solidify our standing as the global leader in science and technology.”

The full text of the Endless Frontier Act, introduced by Senator Schumer, along with Senator Young, Congressman Khanna, and Congressman Gallagher, can be found here and the summary can be found here.