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Schumer, Clinton Welcome Additional Funding For Schweizer Aircrafts Fire Scout Program

enators Charles Schumer and Hillary Rodham Clinton welcomed approval late yesterday of an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2007 Department of Defense Appropriations Bill, which would add $10 million to the Schweizer Aircraft CompanyU.S. Army MQ8 Fire Scout Vertical Takeoff and Landing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (VTUAV) program. The bill originally contained $40.5 million requested in the Presidents budget for the U.S. Army MQ8 Fire Scout VTUAV. This $10 million will be in addition to the Presidents req… Continue Reading


Schumer, Slaughter Introduce Legislation To Designate Niagara Falls A National Heritage Area

U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer and Representative Louise M. Slaughter announced that they introduced legislation late last night that would designate Niagara Falls as a National Heritage Area. The National Heritage Area designation would enable the National Park Service (NPS) to assist local efforts to protect the Niagara Reservation's natural resources, and open up new funding sources while promoting development and tourism in the region. "This legislation is a giant leap to declari… Continue Reading


Schumer: Energy Bill Is Historic Mistake And Step Backwards For The Environment, Taxpayers, And National Security

Today U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer announced his opposition to the Energy Bill passed by the U.S. Senate, saying the bill was a step backwards for the environment, taxpayers, and national security. The bill passed by a vote of 7426 today after passing the House last night. Schumer said Americas refusal to seriously address our dependence on foreign oil was a mistake of historic proportions. Our refusal to understand and see ahead of the curve and say we're going to avoid this energy problem … Continue Reading


Schumer Calls For Immediate Release Of Niagara Falls National Heritage Area Resource Study

U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer late Wednesday urged the Director of Park Service to expeditiously release the Niagara Falls Heritage Area Resource study. Schumer secured $300,000 for the study, which has explored the feasibility of creating a National Heritage Partnership in Niagara Falls. This "special resource" study is the first step toward gaining a National Heritage Area designation for the area, a status that would enable the National Park Service to assist local efforts to prot… Continue Reading


Standing At Jefferson Memorial, Senate Democrats Urge GOP Senators To Protect Checks And Balances, Not Bow To White House Pressure

Standing outside the Thomas Jefferson Memorial today, Senators Reid, Schumer, Clinton, Kennedy, Boxer and other members of the Senate Democratic Caucus presented a united front to fight an attempt to undo 200 years of American history and urge Republican Senators to preserve checks and balances by voting against the nuclear option. Sen. Frist has already rejected a compromise that would have allowed the President to claim victory on more judicial nominees giving him an almost 100% passage rate f… Continue Reading


Schumer Questions Whether Relevant Roberts Documents Will Be Available To Judiciary Committee Before Sept. 6 Hearing Start Date

Today U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Subcommittee on the Courts, sent a letter to President George W. Bush to ask for cooperation in ensuring a smooth process leading to the upcoming confirmation hearing for Judge John G. Roberts to the Supreme Court, which is only a month away [September 6, 2005]. The Judiciary Committee sent a request letter nine days ago to the White House detailing specific Roberts files, but there has been no response, timetable, or documents … Continue Reading


New Schumer Survey Reveals Scores Of Previously Undisclosed MTBE Leaks Located Throughout Long Island Pose Grave Danger To Public Water Supply

Standing at the site of a potentially cancercausing MTBE spill like the ones that threaten dozens of drinking water wells on Long Island, today, US Senator Charles E. Schumer released a new list of MTBE hotspots that are adjacent to or on top of public drinking water supply wells. The previously undisclosed list of MTBE spills that have taken place near Long Island has been made available to the state but not to the public. And, if specific special interest provisions are included in the Energy … Continue Reading


Schumer Presses New VA Secretary Nominee To Support Canandaigua VA Hospital

US Senator Charles E. Schumer pressed the new nominee for Veterans Administration Secretary, Jim Nicholson, to support the community advisory board currently deciding the fate of the Canandaigua VA Hospital. Schumer, who convinced Secretary Anthony Principi to involve local community leaders in the decision process, said that the panel was carefully constructed to include the views of local veterans and community members, and disrupting the panel would be counterproductive. Nicholson agreed to c… Continue Reading


Schumer Announces Almost $6 Million For Americorps Programs In New York City And Brooklyn

Today US Senator Charles E. Schumer announced $5,966,407 in funding for Americorps programs in New York City and Brooklyn. The grant is being awarded by the Corporation for National and Community Service. AmeriCorps is one of the world's greatest service programs and this funding will go a long way, not just for the members who will serve, but for the younger people and families who will benefit from the hard work and dedication of the program and its volunteers, Schumer said. The quality … Continue Reading


Schumer Fuel Efficient Tire Amendment Passes Senate Would Save NYers $225 Million, Conserve Fuel, And Reduce U.S. Dependency On Foreign Oil

U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumers amendment passed the Senate last night, requiring the federal government to establish efficiency standards for the replacement tires that drivers buy when the old tires wear out. Most current replacement tires are between 20 and 60 percent less efficient than the original tires automakers equip cars with to help meet federal fuel economy standards. Schumer introduced the amendment last Tuesday to the Energy Bill, which just passed the Senate 8512. This is great… Continue Reading


Schumer: Over $5.2 Million For Cargo Security Program For The Port Authority Of New York And New Jersey

US Senator Charles E. Schumer today announced $5,200,700 for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The funding will be used for a DHS pilot program, Operation Safe Commerce, which is working to secure cargo at major ports around the country. I am very pleased to announce this funding for Operation Safe Commerce, Schumer said. The cargo entering our nations ports is among our greatest vulnerabilities, especially here in New York, and this program will allow our bustling ports to more e… Continue Reading


Schumer Announces Key Senate Panel Backs $250,000 For Mohawk Valley Water Authority In Utica

US Senator Charles E. Schumer today announced that the Senate Appropriations Committee approved $250,000 under the FY06 Interior Appropriations Act for Mohawk Valley Water Authority in Utica to develop and enhance methods to detect water bacteria, a critical component of emergency preparedness. The bill must now be approved by the full Senate before being sent to a House and Senate Conference Committee and eventually being signed into law. Schumer aggressively lobbied members of the Appropriatio… Continue Reading


Schumer: Dramatic Increase In Trade Deficit With China Shows Effects Of Currency Manipulation

Today Sen. Charles Schumer reacted to reports that our trade deficit with China hit $162 billion, up over 30% from 2003. Many economists believe that the highly devalued Chinese currency, the Yuan, has helped make this possible. As China continues to peg its currency and the US trade deficit with China reaches these record levels, Senators Schumer and Lindsey Graham (RSC) recently unveiled legislation to impose an acrossthe board tariff on Chinese imports in an effort to address China's unfa… Continue Reading


Schumer Announces Over $15,000 for Jamestown Crime Control and Prevention Programs

U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer today announced that $15,848 has been awarded to the City of Jamestown by the U.S. Department of Justices Office of Justice Programs (OJP) under the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program. The federal funds will be used for crime control and prevention programs. When it comes to protecting our citizens, we need to be tough on crime and smart on prevention," Schumer said. These much needed funds will help to bring the quality people and first… Continue Reading


Schumer: Shared Border Management At The Peace Bridge Clears Second Major Hurdle In A Month

US Senator Charles E. Schumer today announced that he successfully persuaded the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to endorse a reduced US plaza in its Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), moving Shared Border Management at the Peace Bridge another step closer to completion. This move was in response to a letter and phone call from Schumer to Federal Highway Administrator Mary Peters urging the FHWA, the lead agency in the federal process that oversees the bridge expansion project, t… Continue Reading


Schumer Presents New $370,000 Check To Sonnenberg Mansion And Gardens

US Senator Charles E. Schumer visited Canandaigua to present Sonnenberg Mansion & Gardens with a check for $370,000 for repairs and restorations to the historic Victorian estate. Schumer, who secured funding in the Fiscal Year 2005 Omnibus appropriation bill, joined Sonnenberg supporters and local officials to discuss the vital restorations to one of the most popular landmarks in the Finger Lakes area. Sonnenberg Mansion and Gardens is a wonderful part of Canandiaguas rich history and a je… Continue Reading


Schumer Urges President To Fully Fund Health Services For Hudson Valley Vets

US Senator Charles E. Schumer today called on the Bush Administration to fully fund the Veterans Administration (VA) health care system and other services, including budgeting sufficient funding for New York's VA hospitals. In light of recent reports indicating the Administration may intend to freeze funding for most discretionary programs, including the VA budget, Schumer warned that with factoring in inflation and population growth, this freeze amounts to cuts in funding for veterans servi… Continue Reading


New Schumer Analysis Reveals Upstate Farmers Devastated By Outrageous Gas Costs Senator Unveils Steps To Lower Prices

New York farmers are paying 35 percent more to operate their farms, Senator Charles E. Schumer revealed today. Schumer unveiled a new study showing that the average New York farmer is paying more than $2,500 over 2002 costs and called on the Administration to release stored government oil reserves that would quickly lower gas prices. Schumer also urged the FTC to block the ChevronTexacoUnocal merger and to review the ExxonMobil merger and the ChevronTexaco mergers to asses their impact on gasoli… Continue Reading


New Schumer Report: Upstate New York Manufacturing Hit Hard By Unfair China Trade Practices Senator Unveils New Steps To Level The Playing Field

The federal government must act immediately to bolster upstate New Yorks manufacturing industry, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer explained today. Schumer unveiled new, swift action to crack down on Chinas currency manipulation, and other critical steps needed to strengthen New Yorks manufacturing industry. Schumers bipartisan bill, cosponsored by Senator Lindsay Graham (RSC), allows for a 180day negotiation period between the US and China to revalue its currency, if the negotiations are not succ… Continue Reading


Democratic Leadership Urges President To Consult With Senators On Both Sides On Judicial Appointments

Today members of the Democratic Senate Leadership sent President Bush a letter asking him to consult with members of both political parties before submitting judicial nominations. The letter, signed by Senators Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Debbie Stabenow, and written and signed by Chuck Schumer, said that consultation with the minority and with moderate Republicans will be a critical component of avoiding another serious Senate showdown on judges. Sen. Schumer stated, The agreement is a shot ac… Continue Reading

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