Undeliverable Refunds

Were you expecting a refund check but didn't get it?

  • Refund checks are mailed to your last known address. Checks are returned to the IRS if you move without notifying the IRS or the U.S. Postal Service.
  • You may be able to update your address with the IRS on the "Where’s My Refund?" feature available on You will be prompted to provide an updated address if there is an undeliverable check outstanding within the last 12 months.
  • You can also ensure the IRS has your correct address by filing Form 8822, Change of Address, which is available on or can be ordered by calling 800-TAX-FORM (800-829-3676).
  • If you do not have access to the Internet and think you may be missing a refund, you should first check your records or contact your tax preparer. If your refund information appears correct, call the IRS toll-free assistance line at 800-829-1040 to check the status of your refund and confirm your address.

Free Electronic Tax Form Filing

New York taxpayers can take part in E-filing their taxes for free. According to the IRS, nearly 100 million Americans have utilized e-filing. The tax filing process is made far easier by e-filing, which includes answers to a variety of frequently asked questions, online fill-able forms, the ability to use direct deposit, and to pay electronically. On top of that, e-filing is considered the safest and fastest option for filing taxes. While the typical paper refund takes 8 weeks to receive, taxpayers who file electronically could see their refund deposited in their bank account in as little as 10 days. This services adds convenience and clarity to the tax filing process, and has continued to gain in popularity in recent years. To utilize the IRS' free e-filing website, please click here or for those filing with income exceeding $57,000, click here.

Tax Time Assistance

In February 2009, Congress passed, and the President signed into law, legislation to provide a boost to the sluggish economy. Beginning in May, the Treasury began sending economic stimulus checks to millions of Americans. In order to receive a stimulus check, however, you must file a federal income tax return for 2007, even if you are not otherwise required to file a return. You have until October 15, 2008 to file such a return in order to receive a stimulus check.

Individuals can qualify for checks for as much as $600. Couples can qualify for checks for as much as $1,200. Checks will be increased by $300 for each qualifying child. You can get more information on these checks at the Economic Stimulus Payments Information Center on the IRS website.

Please note if your annual income is less than $40,000, or if you are over the age of 60, you may qualify for free tax assistance.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA)

During tax season The IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program or the Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) Program offer free tax help if you qualify. If your annual income is less than $40,000, you may qualify for assistance through the New York Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA). Certified volunteers sponsored by various organizations receive training to help prepare basic tax returns in communities across the country. VITA sites are generally located at community and neighborhood centers, libraries, schools, shopping malls, and other convenient locations. Most locations also offer free electronic filing.

You should contact the site closest to you to determine if you are eligible for their service. Because VITA sites in New York can often change hours and locations, call 1-800-829-1040 for current information on the site nearest you.

Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) – AARP Tax-Aide Program

If you are over age 60, you may also qualify for assistance filing your income taxes through the AARP Tax-Aide sites throughout New York (during tax season). The volunteers there are trained to do more complex tax returns. You should contact the AARP Tax-Aide site closest to you to determine if you are eligible for their service.

Click here to find a list of AARP sites in New York near you.

Items taxpayers need to bring to the VITA/TCE Sites to have their tax returns prepared

  • Proof of identification
  • Social Security Cards for you, your spouse and dependents and/or a Social Security Number verification letter issued by the Social Security Administration
  • Birth Dates for you, your spouse and dependents on the tax return
  • Current year’s tax package if you received one
  • Wage and earning statement(s) Form W-2, W-2G, 1099-R, from all employers
  • Interest and dividend statements from banks (Forms 1099)
  • A copy of last year’s Federal and State returns if available
  • Bank Routing Numbers and Account Numbers for Direct Deposit
  • Total paid for day care provider and the day care provider's tax identifying number (the provider's Social Security Number or the provider's business Employer Identification Number)
  • To file taxes electronically on a married filing joint tax return, both spouses must be present to sign the required forms.

If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to send a detailed, signed and dated letter to my New York City office. My staff and I stand ready to assist you. Please make sure to include a completed, signed privacy release.