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Thanks To Schumer’s CHIPS & Science Law, GlobalFoundries Plans To Construct New State-Of-The-Art Fab In Malta Through An Over $12 Billion Public-Private Investment Into Expanding Operations Over The Next 10+ Years, Adding Thousands Of New Good-Paying Manufacturing & Union Construction Jobs

Kim Is An Equipment Engineering Technician At GlobalFoundries, Who Came Through Their Registered Apprenticeship Program At Hudson Valley Community College, And Plays A Vital Role In Manufacturing The Chip Which GlobalFoundries Will Soon Be Ramping Up Operations To Produce

Schumer: Building The Future Of Upstate NY’s Workforce Was My North Star In Crafting My CHIPS & Science Law, And Kim Represents The Better Future For The Capital Region I Envisioned – And That Is Now Becoming A Reality With Thousands Of New Jobs On The Horizon

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer today announced that he will bring Kim Spica, an equipment engineering technician at GlobalFoundries, as his guest to attend President Biden’s State of the Union address.

Schumer advocated relentlessly to help GlobalFoundries grow in the Capital Region and to position Upstate NY as a global hub for semiconductor manufacturing. Just last month Schumer delivered the largest preliminary award yet from his CHIPS & Science Law bringing billions in federal investment to help GlobalFoundries expand its presence in the Capital Region. The senator said thanks to his CHIPS & Science Law, and the support of President Biden, the Capital Region is leading the way building the future of America’s semiconductor industry with companies like GlobalFoundries and people like Kim.

“I am proud to announce that GlobalFoundries’ own Kim Spica will be my guest to President Biden’s State of the Union address. When I wrote my CHIPS & Science Law I had Upstate NY as my ‘North Star,’ to build the future of America’s industry here in the Capital Region, and Kim represents the best of that vision. She has trekked a path that will soon be a reality for thousands of workers in the Capital Region, coming up through the registered apprenticeship programs to become the future of our country’s semiconductor workforce, fulfilling the promise that people will have a future here in the Capital Region and across Upstate NY, and to grow and raise their families here. I am proud to have Kim at my side for President Biden’s State of the Union to show how my CHIPS & Science Law is trailblazing a new path for Upstate New Yorkers from GlobalFoundries in the Capital Region, to Micron in Central NY, and beyond,” said Senator Schumer. “With a supercharged workforce that will fuel the jobs created by new chips investments like GlobalFoundries’, we will power up stronger than ever in the Capital Region and give more opportunities to people like Kim. Ever since GlobalFoundries’ first Fab 8 broke ground 15 years ago, I knew how significant the company would be for the Capital Region and Upstate NY, and with the recent billions I helped secure through my CHIPS & Science Law, they are primed to lead our nation’s semiconductor future for generations to come. I promise to never stop fighting for federal investments in semiconductor manufacturing and innovation for the Empire State and the jobs it will create in the Capital Region.”

“Kim is a valued team member and her personal story is a testament to the importance and impact of GF's apprenticeship program,” said Dr. Thomas Caulfield, President and CEO of GlobalFoundries. “This program, which provides on-the-job training and college courses at no cost to the employee, is one of the many ways GF is delivering on our commitment to building a strong and sustainable semiconductor talent pipeline. We are incredibly proud of Kim, and we thank Senator Schumer for inviting her to attend the State of the Union Address to represent GF, our team in New York, and the entire semiconductor industry.”

“It's such an exciting time to be working in the semiconductor industry at GlobalFoundries,” said Kimberly Spica. “The company's apprenticeship program enabled me to be confident in my decision to switch careers. As an apprentice, I worked full-time,  earned a good salary,  had on-the-job training plus GF paid for my coursework at Hudson Valley Community College. I'm grateful to the company and would encourage others considering a career change, or at the start of their careers, to take a serious look at GF and the semiconductor industry.”

Kim is part of GlobalFoundries robust paid, full-time registered apprenticeship program - the first of its kind in the U.S. semiconductor industry. In this position, Kim plays a key role in maintaining and servicing the advanced equipment GF needs to manufacture essential chips used across a range of markets and technologies including automobiles, AI, smartphones, communications infrastructure, and national security. Kim received on-the job-training and completed courses at Hudson Valley Community College, graduating from the GF registered apprenticeship program in July 2023. Schumer has been a longtime advocate of GlobalFoundries and registered apprenticeship programs like GF’s that increase access to educational, training, and job opportunities in Capital Region communities.

After years of relentless advocacy to help GlobalFoundries grow in the Capital Region and to position Upstate NY as a global hub for semiconductor R&D and manufacturing, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer announced last month that GlobalFoundries reached a $1.5 billion preliminary memorandum of terms (PMT) funding agreement with the U.S. Department of Commerce under the CHIPS & Science Law. This is the first agreement for a New York company and is the largest potential award yet from the CHIPS Incentives Program funded by Schumer’s CHIPS & Science Law. This federal funding is part of an over $12 billion public-private investment over the next ten plus years to construct a second, new state-of-the-art computer chip factory and expand GlobalFoundries’ current chip manufacturing fab for the automotive industry in Malta, all of which will add secure capacity for essential chip manufacturing for key markets. The planned, second New York fab will be focused across a broad range of markets and applications including automotive, aerospace, defense, and AI to meet expected customer demand for U.S.-made essential chips. This investment will approximately triple the capacity of GlobalFoundries’ production in New York over the next decade.

Schumer has a long history of bolstering both GlobalFoundries’ presence and the overall growth of the semiconductor industry in Upstate New York. In December 2020, Schumer passed his bipartisan American Foundries Act to authorize new federal incentives for expanding domestic semiconductor manufacturing and R&D. As part of the CHIPS & Science Law, Schumer also made sure to include a set-aside of at least $2 billion in investment from the CHIPS Incentives Program to support the production of legacy chips like those made by GlobalFoundries and that are essential to our defense, auto, and other critical industries. Last year, Schumer also announced a major partnership between GlobalFoundries and Lockheed Martin to advance U.S. semiconductor manufacturing to support national security needs, spurred by his CHIPS & Science Act. This came one year after Schumer announced $117 million in federal funding through the Defense Production Act for GlobalFoundries to provide a strategic supply of U.S.-made chips to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) for national security systems.

Schumer has fought tirelessly to lift up the Capital Region and Upstate New York to lead the nation in semiconductor manufacturing and research, including advocating for Albany Nanotech to become a major hub for the National Semiconductor Technology Center (NSTC) in his CHIPS & Science Act. Prior to the passage of the CHIPS & Science Act, Schumer not only brought the Commerce Secretary to Malta to highlight opportunities for expansion at GlobalFoundries, but also arranged for Secretary Raimondo to meet with NY CREATES and industry leaders to discuss the unique assets the region has for leading the NSTC. Most recently, the senator helped announce a $10 billion public-private partnership with leaders from the semiconductor industry including IBM, Micron, and others to bring a major new expansion to Albany Nanotech, spurred by the upcoming NSTC competition funded by his CHIPS and Science Law. Schumer also brought Commerce Secretary Raimondo and White House National Economic Council Director Lael Brainard to Albany last month to announce the major CHIPS investment in GlobalFoundries, in addition to arranging a tour for Brainard of Albany Nanotech to further underscore the region’s premier assets for leading the NSTC and powering the resurgence of American semiconductor manufacturing.